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Charcoal Making Machine

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Wood Briquette Production Line

 The simple process for producing the charcoal briquettes is like this:
1. Crush the raw materials into small pieces(around 3MM diameter) by Crusher(Hammer Mill);
2. Dry the crushed materials by Dryer, make the crushed material's moisture content below 12%;
3. Put the dried materials into the briquette machine to make sawdust briquettes.
4. Put sawdust briquettes into the Carbonization Stove to change the sawdust briquettes into
charcoal briquettes (final products,  this step is for optional, if you do not need charcoal, no
need to use this machine).

 The necessary machinery
a.Biomass Briquette Forming Machine 
c.Charcoal  Dryer
d.Carbonization Furnace

Raw Materials:
Groundnut-shell Sugarcane residue Caster Shells/Stalk Saw dust Coffee Husk Paddy Straw Sunflower
Stalk Cotton Stalks Tobacco waste Mustard Stalk Jute waste Bamboo Dust Tea waste Wheat Straw Palm
husk Soybeans husk Rice Husks Forestry wastes Wood Chips and many other Agro wastes.

 Wood Briquette Production Line