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Wood Powder Machine

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Wood Flour Making Machine

Our wood powder making machine 900 can reach capacity 300kg/h,with power 45-55kw.The
inlet size should be less than 40-50mm and the fineness can be adjusted from 10-500meshes.

Wood Flour Making Machine Features: 
1.The wood flour making machine is of advanced technology, adopting double deck structure.
2.The wood flour making machine adopts water cooling to procet the bearing.
3.The wood flour machine installs a new material to reach sound-proofing and heat dissipation.
4.Low noisy, no vibrate,high output,this wood powder machine increased efficiencyby 50% or 
more than the traditional ones 
5.This wood powder machine were consist of 3 kinds of crushing cutter. "7"type cutter, "1" type 
cutter centrifugal cutter(overcome the shortage of the traditional one) 
6.The machine attached the fineness analyser to control the material fineness according to the
needs of customers.

Application of wood flour machine:
The wood flour making machine is used to process bamboo wood flour, nutshell, Chinese herbal
medicine, bark, leaf, wheat bran, mushroom, sesame, rich shell, cone cob, stalk, starch, shelled
shrimps of grain, fish flour, seaweed, dehydrated vegetable, flavoring substance, Chinese date,
paper, circuit board, plastic, chemical raw material, mica, carbon, volcanic clay, perlite, distilled
grain, furfural, cake type, charcoal, actived carbon, cellulose, potato slag, tea, hair, bean pulp,
cotton, cow skin, sheepskin, plant root, stalk, leaf, flower, fruit, all kinds of edible fungus, and
hundreds of difficult material.
To conclude, the wood powder making machine is a ideal crusher in the industries of chemical
engineering, building material, medicine, health care, breeding, food and mosquito-repellent incense etc

technical data:

Model NO. 400  500 800 900
(water-cooling double chamber)
Power (kw) 7.5 11-18.5 22-30 45-55
Rotate speed (R/min) 3600 3600 3300 2900
Number of cutter 18 36 72 96
Degree of fineness (mesh) 10-500 10-500 10-500 10-500
Feeding particle size(mm) <20-30mm <30-35mm <30-40mm <40-50mm
Material Moisture <6% <6% <6% <6%
Dimension(m) 3.5×1.6×3.2 4.6×1.8×3.5 7×2.5×4.3 7×2.8×4.3

Wood Flour Making Machine