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Wood Shaving Machine

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Wood Flake Machine BHJ-600

The raw materials can be the smaller diameter log, the small leftover material and construction waste.

Our wood flake machines are widely used to make the shavings for beding of animals(chicken,sheep,
pig,duck,pets etc) and wood pallets tray,particleboard, medium density board, wood fiber board,furniture
factory,wood briquette factory,pallet tray factory and paper industry etc.

This wood flaking machine adopts wear-resisting pad after chromium plating process, flexible
knives,stable knives with durable steel. Larger timber wood shaving and paring machine adopts
the oil cylinder pulling system or manual type system,which is available for customer's choices. 

 wood  shaving machine technical parameters:

Model 600
Output(kg/h) 800
Inlet size(mm) 200*120
Knife number 3
The knife length(mm) 200
Power(kw) 15
Outsize(m) 1.5*0.7*0.85
Weight(kg) 280

wood flake machine