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Wood Shaving Machine

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High Capacity Wood Paring Machine

Wood Paring Machine Introduction:
1. Wood paring making machine for sale is mainly used to make thin shavings from mass thickness
wood or waste wood.
2. Wood paring making machine for sale includes frame, platform on the frame, knife fixed on the
platform, wood timber is sent into the machine from inlet.  

Use of wood paring making machine for sale

Wood shavings can be used as material of particleboard and paper pulp in paper mill. It can also used
as bed for animals, such as pigs, cattle, sheep and horse, also can be used as biomass energy.

technical parameters:
Model 800
Output(kg/h) 1200
Inlet size(mm) 230*230
Knife number 8
The knife length(mm) 150
Power(kw) 37
Outsize(m) 1.8*0.85*1.15
Weight(kg) 500

wood paring machine