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Log Peeling Machine of Ring Type

Log peeling machine of ring type is widely used to peel the wood logs of middle and small diameter.
The log peeling machine is easy to operate and with low cost.

Structures of ring log peeling machine
composed of the feeding inlet, discharging outlet, cutter, driving system,underframe.

Features of ring log peeling machine:
 1.Adopting four-edge knives
    Cutter pressure is regulated through hydraulic system, with advanced technology and reliable performance
2. Adopting stepless speed change in feeding inlet

Application of the log peeling machine:
this log peeling machine is suitable for most kinds of wood especially wood with lots of fiber .
It is good choice for needle wood, pine trees,eucalyptus, poplar of high moisture.
The log peeling machine is widely used in fiber board factory, paper mill, veneer rotary cut factory, wood factory, 
pulp factory, wood storage plant, tree farm etc.

specification of log peeling machine of ring type:
Model 150 220 260 300
Log diameter 4-150mm 4-220mm 4-260mm 4-300mm
Knife quantity 4 4 4 4
Knife speed 400 650 650 650
Capacity 13m/min 13m/min 13m/min 13m/min
Peeling ratio 95% 95% 95% 95%
Main power 4.0 4.0 5.5 5.5
Driving power 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.2

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