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Sawdust Drier

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Pipeline Sawdust Dryer for Charcoal Production

Pipeline sawdust dryer is equipped one fuel boiler, feeding inlet, steel pipe, exhaust blower (fan), cyclone.

work principle:
First, put the wet materials into the hopper. Then the fuel boiler generates hot air which mixes with wet 
materials and then the sawdust is sucked into the pipes by the 
exhaust blower (fan) quickly. And then 
hot air is 
flowing and going though the 
curving pipes and buffer (drying chamber) of dryer, thus wet materials
finished to dry, and the dried materials are expelled out by the exhaust blower (fan).

Technical Details: 
HGJ-I and HGJ-II pipeline sawdust dryer machine  are suitable to  process  materials  which moisture content 
between 20%
-25%. HGJ-III pipeline sawdust dryer is suitable to process  materials which moisture content 
between 35%-50%. All the drying machine can reduce the moisture to 8%-12% at one time.

 for moisture content 20-25% 

Model HGJ-I Type Dryer (with one stove) HGJ-II Type Dryer (with two stoves)
Capacity 250-300(Kg/hour) 300-500 (Kg/hour)
Power  (KW) 5.5 7.5
Size of Input material (Diameter) mm < 3 & < 5
< 5
Temperature of Hot Air 180°C~250°C 180°C~250°C
Gross/Net Weight(Kg) 1300/1200 1800/1700

for moisture content 35-50%

Model HGJ-III(with two stove)
Capacity 600-1000kg/h (vary with the moisture of raw material)
Power  (KW) 7.5
Size of input (dia. mm) < 5mm
Moisture of input 35%-50%
Moisture of output (one drying time) 8%-12%
Temperature 180°C~250°C
Weight(Kg) 1800kg
Note: If the humidity of materials is less than 35%, the capacity will be increased with less of fuel.