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Benefits of Carcoal Making Industry

The benefits of making charcoal industry
(1)  Remarkable economic benefits
 At present our country’s economy is undergoing a period of rapid development, and the
charcoal is in great demand in the fields of industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and civilian
industries.In China, the cost of raw materials of making charcoal is generally 400 - 600 RMB/ton,
but the market price of charcoal is about 1600-2000 RMB / ton, and the exporting price is about
3000-4000 RMB/ton. Furthermore,the by-products of making charcoal such as wood tar and wood
vinegar will bring much more profits.

(2)Notable social benefits
 Each year large amount of the crop residues such as straw , branches, sawdust, rice hulls,
bamboo bits or other debris are discarded,which causes great waste to our society. Now Our
equipments can turn these wastes to a kind of new efficient energy --- charcoal, wood tar, etc.
The machine-made charcoal can replace the natural charcoal, meanwhile, protect the forestry
resources, and ease the tense situation of current timber industry .