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Application of Charcoal

charcoal in industry:

It is mainly used in combining carbon of industrial materials ,metallurgy, and the carburizing carbon
of chemical industry. A medium-sized industrial silicon plant needs 10,000 tons carbon each year.In
addition , it is also widely used in the production of activated carbon, silicon carbonization, crystal silicon,
and the thermal insulation material,as well as in the Copper , steel and rubber factories. In short, charcoal
has hundreds of use in the industrial field which is the largest demanding sector in the world.

Charcoal in agriculture and animal husbandry :
It can raise the soil temperature, maintain soil moisture,
mitigate the organic fertilizers and improve soil PH.Therefore it has a good market in agriculture, animal
husbandry sector.

Charcoal in life:
People often use charcoal heating, barbecue, as well as the fuel used to the tea and tobacco
drying. In addition charcoal can adjust room temperature, humidity and eliminate harmful gas.

Large demand
 With the rapid development of the economy, the world's demand for charcoal has risen over the years.
The annual demand in chemical and metallurgical industries is larger and larger. The extensive use of
charcoal shows its commercial value, and also generates tremendous investment opportunities. The
current production capacity of charcoal can not meet the demands of market. Therefore,it will be a stable
market for you to invest in charcoal-making.