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Rice Husk Baler Machine Working Principle

The rice husk baler works by hydraulic system, and the system consists of five major components:
1.hydraulic pump: the power source of the machine.
It will transform the original input mechanical energy into hydraulic energy.
Its function is to provide hydraulic oil for the entire hydraulic system.
2.hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic motor
They will transform hydraulic energy into mechanical energy.
Function is to achieve linear or rotational movement under the action of hydraulic oil.
3.control system
This part is complicated. its function is to control the pressure, flow rate and direction of the oil in the hydraulic system, so that the baler machine perform the predetermined operation in a stable and smooth way. 
4.auxiliary systems, such as oil tanks, oil tube and filter, etc., 
With the function of storing, connecting and filtering in the hydraulic system. This part ensures the stable operation of the machine.
5.Hydraulic oil.
The entire hydraulic system achieves all movements and power transmission through the hydraulic oil as the working medium.